Sunday, March 26, 2017

thank u for teaching me how to run with a knife

romance is a jail inside where
i always drop the soap

& run to pour you
maple syrup from the second story (up in smoke)

& when u say bitch please
but i only hear beach please

me N u
a book starting on page 7

& butter fingers
open casket

& i give & i give

& now i'm russian doll 
empty all the way down

a manic pixie dream boy
    mad  cut  & woke

u died in my favorite movie
forgotten in the toaster

Saturday, March 25, 2017


green = 2nd ascent
blu = 1st ascent :O

thank u new muscles


  1. yes fuck u...i fell in love with u, & YES i told you only two weeks after we fucked to your harry potter books on tape aka our first time
  2. atleast it was TRUE
the real problem is that 
WHEN I SAID "i think i'm inlove with u"


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

heartbreaks are so annoying because they keep reminding you, that u haven’t died yet

jesus was whipped into shape of a cross
i was pussy whipped — screwed 
till stripped

i used to think
i was a poet

i realize now that
i am just a liar 

i fall in love with these words
i write

& decided
to promote them
as truth of my life

good lies
sound asleep
but still aren't true 

u can still die on a green light

that weird day
when my vacuum eyes 
went from suck to blow

swords walked through me 
like an art critic in a gallery

please break my heart again
please break my heart again
i can take it

please break my heart again
as long as you’ll always break it 
one more last time

this is youtube

Friday, March 17, 2017

Everything’s fine

March 16, 2017
No, everything’s fine. Why do you ask?
(When one is distressed, one either has to take a walk, or do like Paul Klee and “take a line for a walk.”)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

i read this every time i forget ...hey...why is my cardio diced into this vinegar jar?

i thought it was so cute 
when u took my heart & said
“i don’t know what this thing is but 
i’m gonna peel it like its my fave vegetable"

my response was always 
"awwww that’s okay"

u undressed my flesh
i was getting dissected by gloveless hands
blind love knows only consent

i was neutered like a genuine yam
by the love i thought was potent enough
to substitute my blood in dialysis 

thin fillets
were chipping away from my insides

i was getting butchered 
spraying my vitals 

a trance &
that feeling when you mix up getting butchered
& becoming confetti

celebrating each splash of blood

i plucked a fountain pen & drew each soaring bit
before i woke up puddled on top of fragmented 
church stained glass

jesus had lived & died
just to cut my fall

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

a grown man needs more than 10$ if he’s gonna eat out for brunch

i payed for bram
cuz he went over budget 
his stomach was bigger than his money
& frankly i thought the cheese & coffee were free
but that’s not why i offered him my side beans.

he lost he's teeth but he won the cup

u can’t have everything in life
sometimes u have to have one
or the other