Saturday, June 17, 2017


i want to send a valentine
to the whole cast of pornography
to let them know that
i care

you’re fucking up all the plans i made

last time someone kissed me
i told them 

"you are the last person 
i am kissing in 2017"

last time someone wrapped me with xmas
i told them

"you are the last person whose legs
will squeeze me in 2017"

my plan was
to continue writing a PHD
for a thesis that doesn't exist


my plan was
to continue with

a girl like an onion
right in my eye

crying like
coming out of the water closet

i was a catarpillar 
turning into a caterpillar
turning into a caterpillar

like infinite sadness 
was a blessing in the same disguise

& then
you kissed me 
& i got a glimpse for the first time in 20 caterpillars
that maybe one day i could probably fly

my penis is toggling between hard & soft faster than a strobe light

convulsing like a burning bridge
burning between me & u

Friday, June 16, 2017

the next day i wore my helmet for the first time in 2017

my heart sounds like titanic music

life lost 
colours this year

i saw you juggle 
all those rainbows

but i didn’t know 
you could draw 

a bath
like the sorcerer’s apprentice 

i one-click-ordered
an amazon swffer wet jet

death is a good kiss away

at first
masturbating without pornagraphy
is like switching to organic peanut butter

but now
everything i touch
turns into your vagina

fuck nintendo
i’m washing the dishes

when we have sex
it’s like a group hug 
all around my penis

hunting & snapping 
the little necks of every second

let’s be emperors 
wear no clothes
show work of mom

i want to say i love u
because i love u the human
just being

i want to say i love u 
because i’d love u to be my love you
the team

i love u &
we’re not wasting time

u live on rachel 
between clark & st urbain
closer to clark

i live on your mattress 
between yr bed sheets & u
closer to u

we’re not wasting time

the internet will pretend to know the answer

the sum of all my greatest thoughts
got me in bed with you

& then the some of all your greatest thoughts
got you a new bed in australia

i saw that you were a mermaid
tank-top & bikini bottom

i couldn’t stop u
not the tank 
not the bikini

i'm studying youtube comments from
the tiananmen square raw footage video

the recap =
"balls of steel,
made in china"

i commissioned 
elon musk to redefine 
the farthest distance humanly possible
just in time for this montréal/australia simile